The Str8Up Movement

As kids, we did it all the time – lying on the grass, looking to the sky and visualising shapes in the clouds. Fast forward to 2015 and those days have been replaced. Everyone’s in a race against time, everyone has got somewhere to be. This leads us to live our lives with a type of tunnel vision, we walk/drive/ride/skate from point A to point B with our eyes fixated straight ahead. When we do catch ourselves with a moment available, chances are it’s spent glancing down at our phones. Welcome to 2015, welcome to the era of the tunnel vision. This movement, titled #LETSGETSTR8UP, allows us to step away from this and pays homage to that kid lying in the grass. The #letsgetstr8up movement features a unique perspective on photography: the photographer takes each shot with their camera angled straight up.

I would have to say that this photo shoot was one of the best I have ever had. The DenimAndAView team was finally back together as Tayla came back from her adventure around Europe and India and it was honestly like she had never left. We met our lovely model Jess on the day and bonded straight away; she understood our vision for the shoot and added her own personal touch of cheekiness and absolute beauty. 

The #letsgetstraightup movement was very fun to shoot, not only did I get to roll around on the concrete with my camera in the air, Jess got to let her hair down, 'spread her wings' and act like a child again. This brings a very natural beauty to all the shots as you get to capture someone reminiscing on some of their truly happiest memories. 

A big thank you to Gabby Waller from Str8UpThreads for getting in contact with us about being a part of this movement. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of something so fun and in a sense powerful. Also thank you to my amazing team, you are always a dream to work with.

Model: Jessica Roche 
Photographer: Fallon Jane
Stylist: Tayla Marks 
MUA: Courtney Anable
Creative Direction: DenimAndAView
Agency: Busy Models
Labels: Str8UpThreads, Noe Garments (Mick T-Back Chemise), Kookai, Zara, Wrangler, OneTeaspoon & Mac Cosmetics

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