Who is Fallon Jane?

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Fallon Jane is a photographer who loves the fact that sometimes the most unexpected pictures become the most treasured of all.

She has been a passionate photographer since a very early age, we’re talking before the time of iPhones; Fallon decided to pursue a career that gave her this fire in her belly thence she completed her Diploma of Photo Imaging. Since, she has had the pleasure of working for brands like MAYDE and Isabelle Quinn and had the opportunity to photograph Australian beauties such as Jessica Roche, Montana Lower and Peyote Jay.

She lives her #authenticfallon life on Instagram and won't apologise for how much she posts about her love for brunch and travel.

Currently Fallon is a Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations) student at RMIT University. She is developing relationships and skills that will allow her to become Australia’s leading Public Relations professional.

Fallon Jane is a little Gold Coast girl who is living her big city dreams.