The Dam, you are oh so peaceful and some would even say, 'heaven on earth'. 
As soon as we arrived we went and got some push bikes and to my surprise there is a bike store on most streets. I would say that bikes are the main form of transport around Amsterdam as it is so easy and so much fun to get around. Fun fact: there is roughly 881,000 bikes in Amsterdam, this is more than the amount of residents. Our ride from our Airbnb to Leidseplein took us through the most beautiful urban park, Vondelpark. 

If you go to Amsterdam, you have to eat the all you can eat ribs at Satellite Sportscafé. You also have to go to Foodhallen, it is honestly the best indoor food market I have ever been to. You will see from the pictures below, I had the tastiest pulled pork roll and frozen yogurt. 

Spending Christmas overseas was something that we have never done before however we were lucky to be with our friends: Evan, Matt & Teah. So being in Amsterdam on Christmas Day we were quite unsure of where to go and if anything would actually be open. We knew we wanted to go to Anne Frank's Haus as it is a must if you travel to Amsterdam, it is an amazing piece of history and was luckily open! We lined up for roughly an hour and then the tour began. It's a very eye opening experience and I would recommend it to everyone, it was both beautiful and emotional. 

Amsterdam, you were wacky but wonderful. From the red light district to the stunning canals, I just can't wait to go back. Everyone was so friendly...except for the bike riders; if you don't ride fast then I would strongly suggest you stick to one side and ride in a line with your friends. The bike riders won't be as 'chill' as one might think a person in Amsterdam would be. Overall a very relaxing Christmas. 

Next post to come, our trip to the very lovely London. 

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