Hội An

Hội An was our favourite little Vietnamese city and definitely our favourite Asian beach city. This city is located on Vietnam's central coast and is known for its well-preserved Ancient Town and canals. Hội An was a former port city with melting-pot history which is reflected through its architecture. You can see the mix of eras and styles from temples and wooden Chinese shophouses to baroque Vietnamese tube houses, the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge and colourful French colonial buildings. 

Tourist businesses have gradually replaced rice fields and residents homes but the face of the Old Town has preserved its incredible legacy of Chinese temples, ancient tea warehouses and Japanese merchant houses. 

We stayed with the most beautiful host family while in Hội An. Their Airbnb was situated in the perfect spot for us, only a 5 minute bike ride to Ancient Town and a 15 minute bike ride to the beach! (To view their Airbnb, click here).

For us Hội An was so relaxing and it was great to find somewhere we could explore, enjoy and kick back for a little while. We decided to extend our stay in Hội An to a total of eight nights...we both ended up with amazing tans thanks to our daily routine haha, and thank you Hội An for having perfect weather. 
Our daily routine mainly consisted of waking up, our host making us breakfast, riding our bikes to Soul Beach, drinking beers and having lunch by the beach, riding home and then going out exploring in Ancient Town.

Soul Beach Restaurant & Bar was our favourite beach spot in Hội An. This place was everything you could want from a beach bar and hang out; it had amazing food & drinks at reasonable prices, comfy beach chairs away from the super touristy area, great music and super friendly staff. We were so happy to have found Soul Beach as we went to the tourist trap spot right in the heart of An Bang Beach, which was rubbish! The service at the main spots around An Bang Beach is dreadful, the food is awful and expensive and you constantly get hassled by people trying to sell you things. We would recommend that if you are in Hội An that you visit Soul Beach!