Finally I have had some time to sit down, relax and upload my photos from Brussels. Brussels was our second destination in our European adventure. 

Brussels was interesting, we had a bad experience with their public bikes. Make sure if you go overseas anywhere and decide to use their public the extra information! These bikes ended up costing us $130 Australian dollars to use for 23hrs. Definitely set us back for our time in Brussels.

All that aside, Belgium was lovely and delicious. Their waffles, chocolates & beer were amazing. The god, they were cheap and possibly the best sweets we had tasted. The batter was made directly in front of you and then topped with nutella, fresh strawberries and ice cream. It was honestly a dream come true. Their chocolates were very nice but quite expensive. We do recommend trying them as you are in Belgium and there is a chocolatier on most streets you walk down. 

Belgium has a very large range of beers and what other place would you go to other than Delirium Lane in Brussels. Here you can find 3 Delirium bars/pubs and a range of other funky bars. In this lane you can find people from everywhere in the world and everyone is up for a chat and making new friends. Definitely a recommendation when coming to Brussels. 

Our Airbnb was about a 10-15 minute walk to the main city square and along the way we would stumble across cute little cafes, shops, alley ways full of amazing street art and even the Manneken Pis. We loved our Airbnb as it had a great outdoor area and a ladder to our own private rooftop that we could see the entire city of Brussels from. 

Next stop, Frankfurt! Keep your eye out for my next post showing the beautiful city of Frankfurt!

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