Frankfurt, what can I say...German is confusing. We arrived in Frankfurt via our Eurail train and then headed down to the underground to make our way to our Airbnb. We stopped at the self serve ticket booth to buy our train ticket and oh my it wasn't easy, the Germans like to use a lot of vowels. Eventually we worked it out and bought a ticket to our train stop.  

We arrived at our Airbnb and it was very small but worked well for what we needed. We were very close to a main strip of shops and food stores. Only being around the corner from the underground stop made things very easy. To get to Frankfurt Main we only had to travel 2 stops in the underground and then we were amongst the christmas markets and all of the locals. 

The food! We eagerly headed into their christmas markets and explored what delicious foods they had to offer. My mouth is drooling just thinking back to it. German sausage stands everywhere!! It was lovely, cheap and delicious. Dylan liked their currywurst which was chopped up and served with frites (fries). Not only do they like their sausages but they love their pommes frites, everything you ordered basically came with frites and they had huge stalls full of cut up potatoes ready to fry and serve in a cone with mayonnaise. The other food stalls that we saw around were pretzels, popcorn and candy.  

Frankfurt was lovely and quite relaxing. I bought some awesome new Adidas Originals, ate amazing food and enjoyed our first German city out of the three we went to. 

Next stop, the snow! Keep your eye out for my next post showing the small German snow town, Garmisch!

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